Model United Nations

Evan Merrill, Staff

    Defne Ulu is a Foreign Exchange student from Turkey who previously was part of the MUN, (Model United Nations), in Turkey. It is an educational simulation that helps students understand diplomacy, international relations ect. It was made to help students and allow them develop deeper understanding into current world issues. 

    “People should join because it gives them a sense and shows them what’s going on in the world, helps with college applications, and you become more aware of what is going on around you,” Secretary General Defne Ulu said. “Even a topic to talk about in your daily life.”

    Students can find this in Laura Wombwell’s classroom, 233, and can sign up to this club for Advisory. Wombwell hosts committee sessions but the main conference is on March 14. The conference is outside of school and will be hours long. It will follow all of the UN’s procedures and be a great way to represent how the UN solves problems peacefully. It also helps with students Civic duties and you could also get a college credit for joining and participating. It could peak your interest, getting a perspective.

    “It’s called a Mock Conference. It mimics the official conference, therefore it’s a ‘mock’,” Ulu said.

    It is completely student run by Defne Ulu, it’s her way of saying thank you for her time in the United States. It gives a perspective on the point of view of the UN, as if you were the countries. 

    “I’m a Social Studies teacher so I teach this kind of thing everyday. I also used to be a Government teacher, so hosting wasn’t a problem,” Wombwell said. “It’s mostly student lead so Defne does most of the work, I just host the room.”