Students pick their candidate

Chase Wing, Staff

Editor’s note: The results of this survey may not reflect the views of the entire school as the survey conducted was optional. Any commentary added by the writer reflects his views only and not those of the Journalism Department nor of the rest of the school. 


   Over the past few weeks, the journalism department has conducted an unofficial political survey to students asking questions about 2020 presidential candidates as well as policy issues. Of the 162 responses received, 28% were freshmen, 28% were sophomores, 25% were juniors and 19% were seniors. It is worth noting that the following results may be somewhat skewed because the majority of the poll takers were underclassmen. 

   Among the results of all grades combined, President Donald Trump was tied with the undecided vote at 32% each. Coming in a strong second place was Bernie Sanders with 18% of the vote, followed by Andrew Yang with 7% and Joe Biden at 3%. The rest of the candidates failed to reach the 3% threshold. The total of all of the Democratic candidates adds to 36%, beating President Trump’s 32%, who sports a total net approval rating of -12% (44% approve, 56% disapprove). 

   Policy results varied in all directions. A slight majority of students (21.5%) prioritize social/civil rights (LGBT rights, abortion debate, etc.) over the other policies playing major roles in this year’s presidential election. Coming in second was “other” at 15.7%. “Other” could entail many different policies that are important to the student body. Following closely behind “other” is climate change, only trailing by 1.7%. 

  The top three national leading Democratic candidates sported generally disapproving approval ratings. The only Democratic candidate with a positive approval rating was Bernie Sanders, with 47.7% approve versus 37.2% disapprove. Following Sanders was Elizabeth Warren with 27.4% approval compared to 37.8% disapproval. In last place was Joe Biden with 27.4% approval contrasted to his 49.4% disapproval. 

   Overall it is clear that the top two favorite candidates of the student body are President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders. President Trump sits with a -11.6% approval rating, and Bernie Sanders sits just above him with 10.5% approval.