Swift’s ‘Folklore’

Chase Wing, Editor In Chief

   Following the positive reception of Folklore, Taylor Swift’s surprise latest album, she has promptly released a new, deluxe version of the indie influenced record, including an exclusive bonus track. 


   Over the years, Swift’s fans, the self-appointed “Swifties,” have stuck with her through several albums, missteps, scandals, and perhaps the most important, relationships and personal growth. This is why it came as no surprise when Swift’s last LP, Lover, was propelled to number one for several weeks and had numerous hit singles. As is usual for pop stars after a huge album like that, Swift was expected to take several months off and take a much deserved break from her glamorous life, and it looked as if it was going to happen that way. That is, until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Following the pandemic, Swift managed to create her best and most mature album to date. 


   Though the album is long and songs blend together somewhat, Swift manages to work her magic and create a coherent and mostly consistent body of work. “When you are young, they assume you know nothing,” the politically charged message she echoes throughout “Cardigan” (stylized “cardigan,”) the album’s lead single and recent number one hit. The song draws influence from the likes of Lana Del Rey and even Swift’s older music to create the perfect swirl of intimacy and classic Swiftian charm, something listeners may note comes with abundance on this album. 


   Folklore is unmistakably Swift’s most personal album, a feat she seems to surpass with each new album she releases. “my tears ricochet,” “this is me trying,” “invisible string,” “peace,” and “the lakes,” are just a few of the many tracks with personal lyrics and themes. “Cold was the steel for my axe to grind for the boys who broke my heart, now I send their babies presents,” she sings on “invisible string,” the album’s highlight, worthy of holding the honor of being single number two. 


   Swift combines her consistently impeccable penmanship with a toned down style of an acoustic environment we haven’t heard from her since 2012’s “Red”. With an intense election season approaching and the COVID-19 pandemic still roaring through the country, it appears she has accomplished her goal: to make the world seem a little less dim.


“the 1” – 5/5

“cardigan” – 5/5

“the last great american dynasty” – 5/5

“exile,” featuring Bon Iver – 3/5

“my tears ricochet” – 5/5

“mirrorball” – 5/5

“seven” – 5/5

“august” – 5/5

“this is me trying” – 5/5

“illicit affairs” – 3/5

“invisible string” – 5/5

“mad woman” – 4/5

“epiphany” – 3/5

“betty” – 5/5

“peace” – 5/5

“hoax” – 5/5

“the lakes” – 5/5