Trump brings it home at RNC

Trump brings it home at RNC

Chase Wing, Editor In Chief

  The Republican Party held their Republican National Convention this week, following the Democrats’ convention last week. 

   With the general election nearly two months away, the campaigning season has begun to come into full swing. The formal nomination of President Donald Trump portion of the convention took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, while the rest of the convention was filmed in Washington D.C. and other areas all across the country. 

   Issues ranging from civil rights to economic policy took precedence during the four day long convention, which lasted from Monday to Thursday. 

   The convention focused on the idea of the “American Dream,” as described by many speakers, several of whom were average American citizens from every walk of life. 

   In the wake of recent Black Lives Matter protests, much of the convention was themed around policing and race relations. Michael McHail, president of the National Association of Police Organizations, said he was proud to serve his country as a police officer during the third night. 

   Throughout the convention, many speakers denounced President Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden. 

   “Last week, Joe Biden said ‘Democracy is on the ballot.’ Truth is, our economic development is on the ballot.” Vice President Mike Pence said as he addressed the nation during the third night. 

   Even Donald Trump Jr. took swings at Biden, calling him, “Beijing Biden.”

   During his acceptance speech on the fourth night, President Trump’s speech echoed much of what we had already heard during the week. He specifically hit the Democrats on, “Cancel culture,” or the idea of exclusivity and hypersensitivity. 

   Following this convention we are likely to see a pivot towards the general election from both nominees, President Trump and Joe Biden.