Exchange students put on pause

Emma Rohrs, Staff

   Since the beginning of school, there have been many changes throughout the entire district. Rules at lunch have changed, rules in the classrooms have changed, even rules in the hallways have changed. With so much uncertainty, many have wondered if BHS will have foreign exchange students this year. 


   Each semester, BHS has somewhere between ten to 25 exchange students coming to the school. This is why it came as a surprise to discover that, for the first time in a while, the high school decided to close the program. 


   Many other schools across the nation are similarly not allowing exchange students to come to them this year either. The issue was especially relevant last spring, when it came time for the spring semester exchange students to return home and the virus was in its early stages of its tyrannical rage. 


   The school board and BHS principal, Mrs. Chancellor, do not feel comfortable having students travel across the world and subjecting those students, as well as Bartlesville students, to a major health risk, especially considering the issues that arose last spring. Though the exchange program has temporarily discontinued, the school board remains confident that once it becomes safe to do so again, the program will be continued and pick up where it left off.