Moody’s Hot Takes: MLB during Coronavirus

Alyssa Moody, Managing Editor

   You walk into Camden Yards baseball stadium but you quickly realize you are alone. A game between the Chicago White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles in 2015 was the first crowd less game the MLB had ever had. 

   Freddie Gray had gotten sustainable injuries while in police custody in Baltimore and in response to the injustice the Orioles stadium would not have enough security to make the game safe for fans. 

   “It was very, very strange, almost a surreal experience, one I never thought would be repeated,” Sox TV analyst Steve Stone said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune in March before this year’s baseball season was announced. 

   In 2015 a professional sports game without a crowd was unheard of, but now in 2020, it is all we know. 

   The Coronavirus has wrecked 2020 and although professional sports were allowed to begin they were not exempt from the effects of the global pandemic. 

   Major League Baseball has handled the empty seats by allowing fans to purchase a cardboard cut-out of themselves to sit in the stands. Along with fake fans, the league is also playing pre-recorded applause for the players per their request. 

   Professional athletes thrive off the energy of the crowd so in order for their performance to be as normal as possible they need an environment that is as normal as possible. 

   Many Americans worried that sports would not come back this year and although they have not come back in the way that we expected, we can still be entertained without being in the stadium. 

   Sports may look different, but they are just as entertaining for fans who would have been lost without them. 

   High school sports may be up to chance right now, but while sports fans wait for their local sports to come back there is still a place to get a rush of adrenaline.