Montana Mike’s Review

Does the food hold up?

Mia Ferguson

   Fellow staffer Audrey Ainesworth and I were greeted at Montana Mikes, off of Adams Road, by a host who was very welcoming. There was no wait for us, as soon as we walked through the door we were able to get a table immediately. 

   This is not to say the restaurant was empty, it was quite the contrary actually. The restaurant was filled with people who were enjoying their meals and having a great time.

   The decorations here included bears, outlines of axes and trees, paintings of the outdoors, and much more mountain themed decor. 

   After being led to our table and weaving through the western themed decor, we were assigned the waitress Sabryna, who was fantastic at attending to our every need and was very approachable and friendly.

   Immediately, we were given sweet rolls that were just light enough for us to have room for our main course. The rolls we were given looked like they were burnt, but we were assured that they only look that way but taste fine, and as we took our first delicious bite it was proven true. 

   I ordered a six ounce Sirloin steak with a double side of fries. The sirloin steak was cooked all the way, just as I had ordered. The seasoning on top was not as overpowering as it might have looked based on the appearance. To make the meal even better, the fries were mildly warm actually instead of scolding, which I liked because I didn’t have to wait for them to cool down. 

   As the meal filled me up I began to fret over my next challenge: dessert. For dessert I ordered the famous Rocky Mountain Slide, and to my delight it was served in a large elegant glass cup and was enough for one person to have a good amount of warm chocolatey goodness. This final course came with a brownie, vanilla ice cream, and whip cream. 

   The brownie wasn’t your average joe, it was just chewy and gooey enough to not take away from the overall flavor of the dessert but just enough to add a little extra flavor. The warm brownie mixed with the ice cold vanilla makes a perfect dessert all year around.

   For anyone looking for a delicious meal in a pleasant, mountainous environment, Montana Mike’s might just be the perfect place to go.