Gorillaz latest album

Evan Merrill

   Gorillaz’s new album, ‘Song Machine’ was announced on May 26, 2020, through the band’s social media, being officially released on Oct. 23, 2020. The record showcases a series of the artists’ various cultures, from Afrobeat to French and Bambara. A total of 15 additional artists, ranging from Elton John to Robert Smith, the lead singer and guitarist of the band The Cure, are featured on the album. 

   A total of 11 tracks appear on the album, titling the songs according to season, like a tv show. 

   Out of all the tracks, ‘Pink Phantom’ stands out the most. Guest starring 6LACK and Elton John, displaying an alternative/indie sound, broken up with an emotional rap verse from 6LACK.

   The lowest point on the album, ‘Friday the 13th,’ features Octavian, a  French-British rapper, singer, and songwriter from London. Being placed among the other lively and interesting tracks, it felt underwhelming and faltered compared the the previous track, ‘Aries.’ 

   Overall, ‘Song Machine’ was a fine addition to Gorillaz’s stellar discography. With mostly low and melancholic beats, it certainly will strike a chord with fans who have enjoyed their previous work.