BHS Got Talent!

Bruins display a range of artistic abilities.


Picture by Brittney Just

Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer

The house was opened, seats filled. The lights dimmed and the audience was stunned, captivated by the very essence of pure beauty in the form of sound. 


     Bruins on Broadway premiered on Friday at 7 pm in the BHS Fine Arts Center. The production included a series of different acts from people of all backgrounds, talents, ethnicities, levels, and interests combined into one magical serum that only wore off after the last note rang out over our heads and seeped far beyond the walls of the auditorium. The production was run by Emma Hatfield, Avery Gore, Madeline Lewis, and Bryanna Townsend. The show was hosted by Avery Gore, Madeline Lewis, and Emma Hatfield as an eccentric trio with puns and small monologs to go with every introduction. With the ever-circling allure of magic, came the house’s excitement for the announcement of the Spring Musical. The Spring Musical of 2022 will be Mama Mia!


     The top performances of the night included a Medley from La La Land performed by the BHS Orchestra, Adelaide’s Lament sung by Bella Cavaceci, Pretty Funny sung by Bryanna Townsend, Will He Like Me? sung by Samarah Robinson, a monologue from Henry V performed by Thomas Duncan, Time Heals Everything sung by Emma Hatfield, and If Only from The Little Mermaid sung by Bella Cavaceci, Connor Hart, Avery Gore, and Samarah Robinson. Amongst the top were the cutest, including I Enjoy Being a Girl sung by Blythe Murray, If You Knew My Story sung and played on violin by Jenelle Dobson, Dancing Through Life sung by Carter Wells accompanied by his friend Sophie Hewitt, and She Used To Be Mine sung by Kelly Featherson accompanied by Lorna Darling on guitar. These acts not only took our hearts but left us with warmth and youth.


    An enthusiastic character that was seen live on stage was a young man named Carter Wells. A freshman who’s done this sort of thing “…for four or five years now” and has been in 8 performances in his lifetime; taking Tenor-Bass choir and theatre, plans on finding himself in the next 3 years he spends at BHS. Like most of the performers in the program, Wells’s mental and physical preparation comes with experience and a length of confidence instead of a step-by-step plan. “…I just have done this long enough that I just have a rush of adrenaline every time I go on stage and perform and I just give it my all,” Wells explains in our interview pre-open house on Friday. But, for Lorna Darling, BHS’s very own newbie angel, this show makes her a part of the school community and to join her friends on stage. Darling has been playing guitar for 4 years and the fright of it all seemed to have gotten through to her despite Well’s confidence. “…if I make one wrong note then everyone will know. It’s not like ‘Oh you can just brush it off!’- No-…it’s better with friends”.