Sounds of Change

Harp goals on new principalship.


Photo by Claudia Salinas Tascon

Maurie Armstrong, Writer

New school principal Michael Harp sat down for an interview with me to talk about the goals and opportunities this new position offered. He discussed setting new priorities with teachers and students, preparing for the next three years, and focusing on ways to improve distance learning. Harp said he plans on advocating for more student diversity by encouraging more recognition of holidays like Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month, as well as more awareness for our Native American and Latinx students. Harp also touched on building better relationships with students and teachers and working on restorative practices. One big goal he has is to help teachers create strategies to improve the learning environment. He will be implementing more instructional coaching for teachers to help make their classrooms a more effective learning environment. 

When asked what he was most looking forward to about this new opportunity he answered, “Continuing to build on what it means to be a bruin and how we can all be a part of the Bruin family.” One issue that has loomed over the school for years is the mental health resources that the school has struggled to provide. But Harp says he is working with Grand Lake Mental Health Center on hiring two behavioral coaches for both students and teachers. These coaches would be able to instruct teachers on recognizing signs of students who need help and would be available to talk to students in crisis. It is great to hear that the school has heard our complaints and is taking action. Finally, I asked Harp what he thought would make him a good principal, and he simply said “I listen.”