Beloved School Secretary to Retire After 37 Years

Easton W. , Writer


Paula Amen, the beloved staff member of Bartlesville High School, has decided to take leave by the end of the school year. According to Amen, “It’s just time. I had been told I would know when it was time, and I did.  No one thing tells you that, but for each person, it is probably different.  It is not unhappiness certainly; it’s just time.” Although she is leaving now, she did note that her experience at BHS was greatly enjoyed. 

Paula Amen has been with BHS for the last thirty-six and a half years (1985). To get to where she is, Amen had gone through “sixteen years in school, culminating with a bachelor’s degree in English.” She notes that a degree is not necessary for retirement, but that much education is never a bad thing. She had found that she was not meant to be the teaching type, to her surprise (“I attempted to teach English but found that I wasn’t a teacher and I didn’t like it at all”). 

Amen found out about the counseling position through a neighbor, “…my neighbor who worked at BHS at the time told me about a half-time position in the counseling office at BHS. I interviewed, and they chose me.” Later, and after seven and a half years in the counseling office, there was an opening for a full-time position in the principal’s office. When Amen expressed interest in the position, she was accepted by the principal to be his secretary/administrative assistant. 

Now, Amen is looking towards the future. She looks forward to finding some free time and recreation. Amen stated that volunteering is a probable outcome for her because “… The need is great, and I’m sure I can find something I will enjoy.” 

As a parting gift, from Mrs. Amen to the students and teachers of BHS, a piece of advice; “I had to think about this one because I’m not much on telling people what they should do.  However, I would say three things:  always be kind, work hard, and be responsible. To adults, which students will become, I would also say that if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, find something you will enjoy… What I will miss most at BHS is the people.  I spend more time with many of them than I do with my family.” 

A retirement party will be held for Mrs. Amen in the conference room from 2 to 4 p.m. on Friday, February 18th. Mrs. Paula Amen, you will be missed.