LEE-CHEFS-KEY to Reaching the Cosmos

Mrs. Lischefski is our Rising Star of 2022 and this star would still be at home if it wasn’t for her mom who was a Kindergarten teacher as well as “…the best teacher I have ever known..”


Picture by Mason Allen

Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer

 Mrs. Lischefski’s love for science, nature, and conservation started at an early age, with her dad’s mild obsession as a fish biologist for the DNR. “…my dad really laid the groundwork for my…love of science…nature, and outdoors…we were always talking about conservation and protecting the planet and things that we could do to help the earth.” A love that led to a trip to the Bahamas in high school for ecology and the study of biology and environmental science in college. 


     But, it wasn’t until she became a mom that conservation really set in and started to make sense. “…It started to hit me…How are we leaving our planet for future generations?… Woah…we need to do better, we need to do something about this…When I started to think about…how many diapers am I putting in the landfills and where my kid’s baby food comes from…it all came together.”


     This being her second year teaching, all Mrs. Lischefski knows is pandemic teaching, meaning there was no transition from traditional teaching to virtual teaching. This gave her an advantage on the playing field as well as a much easier task when it came to being a teacher. Being new isn’t always bad, although more responsibilities, urgings, and tasks do-follow. 


    Mrs. Lischefski has this to say to her fellow teachers, “…first of all I’d give them all a hug…and I would tell them that they’re doing an amazing job. It’s not easy to teach through this…and especially for…the long term teachers that had to make that big shift from what they were normally used to and how they were normally used to teaching…that they’re really just doing a great job…”