Tracking Progress

Track renovation near completion.

Mya Miller, Writer

As the track is being rebuilt, many students and parents are wondering why. I, being one
of the students interviewed our Athletic Director, Mr. Dilbeck. He answered my questions in
depth and solved my confusion. The main reason for the track being rebuilt is surface issues.
“The life of a track varies depending on the type of weather it’s in,” Mr. Dilbeck says “but also
regularly you have to resurface tracks.” As the construction company, GSS is resurfacing the
track, they ran into some subsurface issues. Before the reconstruction, they removed the visitor
stands to do everything all at once. They also removed some of the field events so they can move
them around. Many people also wonder, how are we paying for this? The money that’s helping
us have a new track is from the “previous bond election part of the bond dollars” Mr. Dilbeck
says. The track was completely removed on January 22, 2022. Now the company is addressing
the subsurface areas. Mr. Dilbeck says they hope to have the track done before spring break just
in time for the upcoming meet. The weather has also been a big part of the rebuilding process.
“A lot of the work they have to do now is depending on the temperature. It has to be a certain
degree for them to put the material down.” Mr. Dilbeck says. “You never know what nature will
throw at us,” Mr. Dilbeck says talking about the weather and how it could potentially affect
the track. He thinks that the snowstorm we had last week shouldn’t be an issue for when the track
is done. The track team, they have run into some issues with the recent weather and
the rebuild. Most of the athletes run on the football field as of right now and work on strength
and agility by running with parachutes to work on their strength and speed. This rebuild has been
a big disadvantage for not only the track team but also other sports and the community. “We’ve all
seen that’s where our cheer and pom squads stand and the public utilizes the track a lot, and we
like that.” Mr. Dilbeck says. Even with these disadvantages, there are a lot of advantages coming
with the track. Of course, the fact that there will be a new track but also it will have a new color!
“The track will look newer and for a long time we’ve always went with Columbia blue but this
time we’re going with a navy blue.”