Women’s History Month

Jasmin Vasquez, Writer

Women History Month of what a month to be a girl. I see this is what shows us what has changed for us women through the making of these years. You always see how men mainly have everything but we get to appreciate ourselves, women. To see how far many women have gone like being a teacher, entrepreneur, businesswoman, etc…To tell you how they feel about women’s history and rights are Mrs. Lumbley, Mr.Tindle, and Mr. Maker.

Why do you think women’s history month is important? I asked. Mrs. Lumbley responded that she thinks the rights of everyone are important. Women are no longer different from men. Mr. Tindle responded that women put in countless hours of work to make change possible. Women have been tireless of Americaś promises and have blazed their trail every step of the way. He thinks the history behind it is that the fight for equal rights has always been spearheaded by us women. Mr. Maker responded that when we start to look at people as humans and not look at people as anything less, then we will have true progress.

What are the best things you have seen change with women’s history? I asked. Mrs.Lumbley said that she is just grateful that women are allowed to show that their skills and minds are equivalent to men. Mr.Tindle believes that an increasing number of women, especially women of color are winning public office. He wants many more women to help the country so they keep their promises of Liberty and Justice for all. Mr. Maker says the most important to him was the signing of the Civil Right Act into law. This law bans employment and discrimination for race, religion, national origin, and anyone.

What role do women have in your life? I said. Mrs.Lumbley says her mom is a retired teacher and her dad was gone a lot. So her mother took on both roles. She believes she gets the hard work and independence from her mom. Mr. Tindle believes that women have their expertise from his colleagues and he believes the fight will continue for women. Mr. Maker says he has always been surrounded by strong females. He has high respect for women. He and his wife are raising his 2 daughters to be strongly independent and God hearing women.

Who do you think changed women’s history in your opinion? Mrs. Lumbley responded with she believes all women who continue to think outside the box and pursue their passions have left a mark for everyone. Mr. Tindle believes that all women deserve to have identical opportunities and protection because you end up hurting everyone. Mr. Maker believes any woman who did not take no for an answer changed. Anyone who don’t make it into the history books had just as much to do with the change as the ones who did.