There goes the house!

Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer

Mama Mia started today at 7 pm and will be going tomorrow at 7 pm again as well as Sunday at 3 pm. With a live band, yes a LIVE band, an exquisite set, and beautiful costumes Ensemble, Greek Choir, and the Dance Troupe along with the individual actors reenacted the happy serotonin sensation. Audience interactions were present, and they shall not be spoiled! But the audience reacted with mild/impeccable positivity. 

Clapping and wild cheering could be heard throughout the house during the songs Lay All Your Love On Me, Does Your Mother Know?, Dancing Queen, and Take a Chance performed by our very own Jacobe Jestes, Evan Gunter (who had his debut during this musical), Kathryn Williams, Keaton Mitchell, Samarah Robinson, Isabella Cavaceci, and Emma Hatfield, to which the house clapped along to the beat and cheered along with the cast. 

During the first scene, Sofie, played by Isabella Cavaceci, could not be heard over the live band. Despite this, her muffled voice was still sweet and whole. Several accounts of guests’ money being stolen by our very own vending machines and the man on the bass instruments dropping his sticks midway through one of the songs and almost missing his cue provided skeptical looks and jokes from the audience as well as one of the actors taking it a little to far and breaking a piece of the set. It brought more laughs when he visibly tried to fix it. 

Overall, Mama Mia was a success! It was easy to see all the work, care, and practice done by the entire staff as well as the directors and instructors. The audience came in happy and came out overflowing, singing, humming, and dancing. “Oh my god, I love them!”.

Special guests arrive in all shapes and sizes, but this one came in the form of a Doberman pinscher named Harper. Harper is 18 months old and has been with her owner, Renee since she was 8 weeks old. Harper is a Medical Alert and Response dog and since BHSl was opened to the public, Harper became a part of the audience. “…she goes with me everywhere…I can count on one hand how many times I have not taken her with me”. This account goes to show the true bond between a woman and her best, irreplaceable companion.