Promotion is the Notion

Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer

When it comes to the admin who we can say is on our side, one has to think for a second. Marcey Beckley is a newbie to both Oklahoma and Bartlesville. Greatly experienced in the field, she has been in Missouri where she was a special education teacher, a classroom teacher, a director of special services, an assistant principal, 3rd grade, elementary, and then as a high school principal. 

She has three children who have all grown and left the nest. “…That’s when we decided…we could make a move and do something different and be closer to all of our kiddos…”. Next year will be her official start as assistant principal of BHS and she has taken it seriously and has been very vigorously determined about her job. Unlike most adults, Mrs. Beckley has a thing for us teenagers. “…I love working with students. I love watching them grow from their middle school years to their high school years and figuring out their plan and helping them problem solve. I am…supportive of the right to education and what teachers are doing in the classroom…I love teenagers…it’s a great age because you are just trying to figure it out…everything from that friend group to life after high school, to what they wanna do, what they’re good at, what they’re not good at…it is so fun to have the conversations and give that advice and talk to kids…” Mrs. Beckley is naturally a people person. 

With BHS being a lot larger than her previous school, she has a bit of adjusting to do as far as rules and regulations. This being her first year, Oklahoma, or rather Bartlesville for that matter, is not like Missouri. But nothing she can’t handle. “…I’m very comfortable in my skill set to do the job…because it’s not much different. Kids are kind of the same everywhere.” 

Curiosity kills the cat, but this cat has learned how to fight back. Questions, questions, questions, and more questions. If Mrs. Beckley was a reporter she’d do fairly well. In preparation for her old responsibilities in a new place, Mrs. Beckey takes to the strategies of a child; ask the whys, wheres, whens, hows, ifs, and what’s until she’s satisfied. “…Mr. Harp and Ms. Lumley and Dr. Hancock and Mr. Smith…has been great about…letting me ask questions; ‘How do we do this?’…’ Why do we do-?’…that’s very important for me and I want to know the why behind it because I’m a believer that we all can grow. All the time. Your whole life. You’re constantly learning new things…and figuring that out, but I’m also a believer that if the answer of ‘That’s how we’ve always done it isn’t a satisfactory answer for me. If you can tell me why and why it’s working, and if it’s not working, let’s do something different. Let’s quit doing it this way and do something different.” This attitude and a healthy dose of coffee keep the wheels spinning.

With Mrs.Beckley in office, there is hope for the future of BHS students. We have finally struck gold in the void of adults and found someone who cares and hears our voices to take into consideration. “You guys have social media and technology, which back in my day, we did not have…that makes it harder to navigate your world. And then we were all thrown into that pandemic and that was hard on adults, let alone kids, and school…we all need people, we all need each other. And so…I’m glad that I could be that person there for kids this year. There are great kids at this school. Great kids…”.