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Promotion is the Notion

Promotion is the Notion

Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer May 6, 2022

When it comes to the admin who we can say is on our side, one has to think for a second. Marcey Beckley is a newbie to both Oklahoma and Bartlesville. Greatly experienced in the field, she has been in...

Bilger v. Bolding; Bilger takes all

Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer May 2, 2022

12 years versus the inexperienced. Been there versus wants to be there. Has been there versus they should be. Two candidates, the one who holds the seat, Scott Bilger, and the challenging party Jonathan...

Picture by  Mason Allen

LEE-CHEFS-KEY to Reaching the Cosmos

Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer March 23, 2022

 Mrs. Lischefski's love for science, nature, and conservation started at an early age, with her dad’s mild obsession as a fish biologist for the DNR. “...my dad really laid the groundwork for my…love...

Women’s History Month

Jasmin Vasquez, Writer March 23, 2022

Women History Month of what a month to be a girl. I see this is what shows us what has changed for us women through the making of these years. You always see how men mainly have everything but we get to...

Beloved School Secretary to Retire After 37 Years

Easton W. , Writer March 23, 2022

  Paula Amen, the beloved staff member of Bartlesville High School, has decided to take leave by the end of the school year. According to Amen, “It’s just time. I had been told I would know...

Photo by Claudia Salinas Tascon

Sounds of Change

Maurie Armstrong, Writer February 14, 2022

New school principal Michael Harp sat down for an interview with me to talk about the goals and opportunities this new position offered. He discussed setting new priorities with teachers and students,...

A Great First Step

Jacob Jestes, Writer February 9, 2022

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, has been observed in the United States the month of February annually ever since the year 1976. This year will be the 46th subsequent...

Best All Beef Hot Dogs in Bartlesville

Best All Beef Hot Dogs in Bartlesville

Sophie Walker, Assistant EIC August 31, 2020

   At the beginning of summer 2020 Ryan Fouts, a junior, started his own business. He knew he needed a job but wasn’t exactly sure what kind. He had done odd jobs like chopping tree branches and putting...

Model United Nations

Evan Merrill, Staff April 9, 2020

    Defne Ulu is a Foreign Exchange student from Turkey who previously was part of the MUN, (Model United Nations), in Turkey. It is an educational simulation that helps students understand diplomacy,...

Senior Showcases Talent Through Photography Business

Senior Showcases Talent Through Photography Business

Abby Turner, Editor in Chief May 3, 2019

   Focus. Point. Shoot. Repeat. This routine is familiar to photographer Olivia Wilt, who started an official photography business, Olivia Lynne Photography, a little over a year and a half ago.  ...

Mother-daughter duo mixes up traditional bakery standards with at home business

Mother-daughter duo mixes up traditional bakery standards with at home business

Abby Turner , Editor In Chief October 31, 2018

  Senior Naudia Whitlock and her mom, Kristy Wooten, are mixing up the idea of a typical bakery. The mother-daughter duo behind ‘Momo’s Mix Up,’ an at home bakery that supplies several dozen batches...

Homecoming parade downtown tonight

Homecoming parade downtown tonight

Zachary Cole, Staff Member September 27, 2018

   Every year alongside the numerous homecoming festivities is the traditional homecoming parade happening tonight at 6:3o pm. The parade’s route runs through downtown Bartlesville and includes floats...

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