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Making the Season Bright

Photo by Alex Magana

Rose Charbonneau, Staffer

December 7, 2017

Christmas lights are a cheerful way to celebrate the holidays. There are many places in and around Bartlesville that have extensive Christmas light setups open to the public. These places include Fantasy Land of Lights, Woolaroc wonderland of lights and Rhema Christmas Lights.   Fantasy Land of Ligh...

Waffles2go: Restaurant Review

Waffles2go: Restaurant Review

Hadley Davis

September 18, 2017

No matter if you’re rich or poor, a democrat or republican, listen to country music instead of rock, the one thing we can all agree on is waffles. Whether you like to go the traditional route or pile on every wacky topping combination possible, you’ll love Bartlesville’s new waffle shop, Waffles2go. ...

Editorial: Value of CPR Training

Megan Hays

May 15, 2017

“Dun dun dun, staying alive, staying alive, dun dun, dun dun.” The late 1970s hit has recently been used to teach people the proper timing to do chest compressions as a life-saving action. The Oklahoma legislator's passed House Bill 1378 “Dustin Rhodes and Lindsay Steed CPR Training Act” that...

Sacrificing for Lenten

Alex Merrifield

February 28, 2017

Over the next forty days until Easter on April 16, I along with hundreds of millions of Catholics around the globe will prepare for the resurrection of Christ and observe historic Lenten traditions, starting tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. Each year, Catholics during this time traditionally give something...

Personal views on the Grammy Awards

Sydney Early, Guest Writer

February 21, 2017

How many times have artists accepted their GRAMMY in their underwear? As of last Sunday, the answer is one. How many artists have won a GRAMMY without being signed to a label? After last Sunday the answer is one. Grammy Sunday was eventful in every capacity and not short on surprises. The night kicked...

Album Review: No Plan- David Bowie

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Noah Estes

January 16, 2017

One year ago, the world lost David Bowie. Bowie was a musical icon who influenced many artists.  On his birthday, Jan. 8 2015, Bowie released his final album, Blackstar. Two days later, Bowie passed away. New Bowie music was released Jan. 7 in honor of the upcoming anniversary of his passing and the ...

Billy Joel amazes at the BOK Center

Billy Joel amazes at the BOK Center

Noah Estes

November 13, 2016

Nov. 11-Billy Joel performed at the BOK Center. This was Joel's first Tulsa performance since 2009. Beginning his recording career in 1971, Joel's first album was a commercial failure. Due to a production error, Cold Spring Harbor made Joel's voice sound high pitch. He has said that the original release ...

Election Day prediction

Map created by Alex Merrifield (Create your own at 270towin.com)

Alex Merrifield

November 8, 2016

 As Americans head to the polls today for one of the biggest and most talked up elections in history, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are sitting in New York, hoping that after going to so many events in swing states around the country that the hard work will pay off in their favor.   Curren...

SQ 779- State attempt to bandage a broken leg

Rachel Brown

November 2, 2016

Oklahoma's budget deficit has caused tremendous cuts to public education- in fact Oklahoma leads that U.S. in cuts to education. According to Oklahoma Policy Institute, Oklahoma has cut over 20 percent of spending per student in the past six years. This state crisis led David Boren, University of...

An open letter to future student journalists

Megan Hays

November 1, 2016

Dear Future Journalists, I fell into journalism by accident. I liked to write, and I had an open hour. No other class has stressed me out more, but no other class has made me feel so invigorated. My adviser encouraged me to apply to a journalism camp that was in Washington D.C., a camp I assumed I woul...

Vote “Yes” on SQ 780

Alex Merrifield

November 1, 2016

On Nov. 8, voters will go to the polls for plenty of things, including the president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House and much more. Most people may not be aware of some of the ballot issues such as State Question 780. State Question 780 is officially titled the "Oklahoma Reclassification of Some Drug and Proper...

Album Review: Revolution Radio- Green Day

PC: listenherereviews.com

Noah Estes

October 10, 2016

After four long years, Green Day is back with Revolution Radio released Oct. 7. In 2004 Green Day released their massive commercial success, American Idiot. The album was a concept album and called a punk rock opera. Due to the style of the album, it even received a musical reenactment of the story that...

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